Food in Kendujhar

The food available in Kendujhar is similar to the food available in other major cities of Odisha like Puri and Bhubaneswar. Being a border district, Kendujhar offers food that is influenced by Bengali and Jharkhand food. There are a number of middle-range restaurants and food joints along with street food kiosks which also sell the trademark authentic Odisha cuisine. Apart from the cuisine of Odisha, the restaurants in Kendujhar also serve a number of other Indian delicacies.

Food in Kendujhar

Food Specialities of Kendujhar


Badi is the most popular local food available in Kendujhar. It is a fried dish that can be had with rice as an accompaniment. It is made out of ground Udad dal. Udad dal is a kind of cereal also known as black gram pulses. The pulses are grinded and mixed with herbs and spices. The mixture is then shaped into round discs and dried, and can be preserved to be fried later.

Badi can be fried with vegetable or onion and garlic depending on individual preferences. Badi makes for an interesting combo with cold rice cooked the night before. Cold rice, is also a very popular dish in Odisha in general. Badi is served in all leading food outlets in Kendujhar. Dried Badis also sold in packages and can be deep fried at home. A variety of Badi can also be roasted instead of being fried. Notably, badi making has created a new era of empowerment for the women of Kendujhar. Nearly 850 families reported earn their living by making Badi for various organizations which sell them in packages.


Pitha is another signature local food available in Kendujhar. It is a sweet delicacy and is served as an offering at the Baldevjew temple. It can be bought from the temple shop located within the temple campus.

Pakhala Bhaat

Rice grows in abundance in Kendujhar and therefore forms a staple for most meals. Boiled rice is served as main course along with accompaniments like dal (pulses), vegetable curries, fried or roasted badi, fish and yoghurt. Pakhala or rice cooked the night before served cold with accompaniments is hugely popular among the city dwellers as well as the tribals. Pakhala is usually soaked in cold water and served with sour yoghurt, fried badi, fried veggies, onion slices, green chillies and posta.


Posta or poppy seeds are an important ingredient in the cuisine of Kendujhar. Posta paste is used to cook vegetables like parble, onion, brinjals, potatoes, etc. Posta curry is normally had with any and all sorts of dal (pulses).

Restaurants in Kendujhar

Apart from the local cuisine of Kendujhar, the hotels and restaurants at Kendujhar also serve popular Indian delicacies like Hyderabadi biriyani, Mysore dosa, idli, filter coffee and so on. These hotels in Kendujhar have multi-cuisine restaurants and bakeries that serve traditional vegetable and no-vegetable Indian food like Thalis, chaats, biriyani, and so on. The tourists in Kendujhar can therefore enjoy a wide variety of food and cuisines in the city. Along with these Restaurants, sandwiches, burgers, pasta, etc. are also served at many other leading restaurants in the city. Most leading hotels also have restaurants that serve multi-cuisine food.  
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