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Business and Economy of Kendujhar

Kendujhar is very rich in mineral resources. Its economy is based majorly on agriculture and extraction of minerals. The Ministry of Panchayati Raj under the Government of India declared the district of Kendujhar among India’s 250 most underprivileged and backward districts. The district of Kendujhar is one among the 19 districts of Odisha which receives special funds from the BRGF (Backward Regions Grant Fund Program) run by the Government of India.

Business and Economy of Kendujhar

Mode of Earning Livelihood in Kendujhar

As per the findings of the surveys, it is found that more than 80% of the working rural population is dependent on traditional agricultural practices only, which includes the assortment of non-timber products from the forests, selling the woods from the forest for the purpose of fuel, and wage earnings. In Kendujhar, a huge part of the working population is involved in mining and extraction of natural resources hidden in the crust of the land. There are more than 65 mines in the district of Kendujhar which have provided employment to more than 8% of the working population of the district.

Minerals Found in Kendujhar

The city of Kendujhar is situated on ‘Chota Nagpur” plateau which is believed to be one of the richest natural resources such as Iron Ore, Manganese and many other. Places near the city of Kendujhar such as Joda and Thakurani are some of the major places known for the extraction of Iron ore in the country. Several deposits of Chromites are also found near Nuasahi which is a part of the sub-divisions of Anandapur. The city of Kendujhar is itself one of the major sources of Bauxite, Pyrophillite, Quartzite and the Lime stones which are found in abundance.

Crops in Kendujhar

Along with the rich mineral resources the city of Kendujhar is also known for some of the major crops which are cultivated in nearby villages and towns of the city. Maize, Niger, Paddy, Arhar and Til etc are some of the major cultivated crops of Kendujhar. A major tribal and village population near the villages of the Kendujhar cities are said to be involved in the process of cultivating these cash crops which contribute to the economy of Kendujhar.

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